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Latest update : 23 May 2022.

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2022.05.23 Stack System

Monday 23 May 2022, by AmiDARK // The Devs. Diaries

The stack system for communication is now optimised and fully operational.
I will prepare soonly a small video and examples that will show how you can use different types of parameters but just to explain, you can for example, use direct datas :
You can use assembler data registers :
You can use variables (locals to a procedure or global ones) :
Or mix whatever you want to use :
You must not forget that, the development langage you use when you develop a project under Grimoire is (...) Read more »

2022.05.22 The Stack System used for Engine functions parameters

Monday 23 May 2022, by AmiDARK // The Devs. Diaries

I continue working to improve the system and makes it reach the requirements I’ve planed.
Internal functions improved :
Updated sePushToStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
Updated seGetFromStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
Updated seMultiPushToStack to use sePushToStack capabilities.
Updated seGetMultiFromStack to use seGetFromStack capabilities.
Now, with these changes, direct communication between a Grimoire function (graphic, (...) Read more »

2022.05.16 Developer Diary : Open Screen & Copper List

Tuesday 17 May 2022, by AmiDARK // The Devs. Diaries

Work on screens get good progress.
Now I can return the getBestScreenMode for Planar and Saga Chunky modes.
And OpenScreen can open bitplanes screens (up to 256 colors).
Now I am working on ’primitive’ copper list support for full screen view with 1 screen.
It’s a temporar copper system that will be used for really old basic langages support (as they require only 1 screen) but that will be replaced later with a more complex system that may handle more than 1 screen in the view and raster (...) Read more »

Opening the diaries.

Monday 16 May 2022, by AmiDARK // The Devs. Diaries

The diaries will contains news, time to time, about the development of Grimoire. For this 1st diary, I will share you all the news from a long time up to today about what I did for the project.
it’s is a long reading article that should be read from bottom to top as newer are at top and older at the bottom .
; ************************************************ 2022.05.15-16 - Various updates Updated OpenScreen to save correctly Bitplanes adresses in ScAllocPhysic & ScPhysic (...) Read more »