2022.05.22 The Stack System used for Engine functions parameters

Monday 23 May 2022, by AmiDARK // The Devs. Diaries

I continue working to improve the system and makes it reach the requirements I’ve planed.

Internal functions improved :
- Updated sePushToStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
- Updated seGetFromStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
- Updated seMultiPushToStack to use sePushToStack capabilities.
- Updated seGetMultiFromStack to use seGetFromStack capabilities.

Now, with these changes, direct communication between a Grimoire function (graphic, audio, files, memblocks, etc.) can be done by using as call parameters :
- Direct values
- Data registers ( D0 - D7 )
- Adress registers ( A0 - D7 )
- Adress content ( (a0) to (a7), -(a0) to -(a7) and (a0)+ to (a7)+
- Global variables
- Local variables (when call is done from inside a procedure).

It’s a major improvements concerning the stack use for communication.