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  • 2023.06.11 Error Handller & BasicGOSUB/RETURN

    10 June, by AmiDARK

    Recently I have improved the ErrorHandler and now the functions can quit the program with an error message stopping the basic execution
    Improved the Procedure system and provedure return
    Full rewrite of the BasicGOSUB and BasicRETURN function as they no more use any JSR. It makes them fully compatible with errorhandler system.

  • 2022.05.23 Stack System

    23 May 2022, by AmiDARK

    The stack system for communication is now optimised and fully operational.
    I will prepare soonly a small video and examples that will show how you can use different types of parameters but just to explain, you can for example, use direct datas :
    You can use assembler data registers :
    You can use variables (locals to a procedure or global ones) :
    Or mix whatever you want to use :
    You must not forget that, the development langage you use when you develop a project under Grimoire is (...)

  • 2022.05.22 The Stack System used for Engine functions parameters

    23 May 2022, by AmiDARK

    I continue working to improve the system and makes it reach the requirements I’ve planed.
    Internal functions improved :
    Updated sePushToStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
    Updated seGetFromStack to handle local/global variables, Dn & An registers.
    Updated seMultiPushToStack to use sePushToStack capabilities.
    Updated seGetMultiFromStack to use seGetFromStack capabilities.
    Now, with these changes, direct communication between a Grimoire function (graphic, (...)

  • 2022.05.16 Developer Diary : Open Screen & Copper List

    17 May 2022, by AmiDARK

    Work on screens get good progress.
    Now I can return the getBestScreenMode for Planar and Saga Chunky modes.
    And OpenScreen can open bitplanes screens (up to 256 colors).
    Now I am working on ’primitive’ copper list support for full screen view with 1 screen.
    It’s a temporar copper system that will be used for really old basic langages support (as they require only 1 screen) but that will be replaced later with a more complex system that may handle more than 1 screen in the view and raster (...)

  • Opening the diaries.

    16 May 2022, by AmiDARK

    The diaries will contains news, time to time, about the development of Grimoire. For this 1st diary, I will share you all the news from a long time up to today about what I did for the project.
    it’s is a long reading article that should be read from bottom to top as newer are at top and older at the bottom .
    ; ************************************************ 2022.05.15-16 - Various updates Updated OpenScreen to save correctly Bitplanes adresses in ScAllocPhysic & ScPhysic (...)

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